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The Art of Colored Pencil on Metal

And other coloring techniques


After many years working with a broad range of techniques as a silversmith and in glass beads, I wanted to add more color and texture to my work. I explored working with enamels doing cloisonné and other enameling processes, but while beautiful it takes many hours of labor and it still didn’t allow me the freedom to use my skills as an artist at the level I desired. When the price of silver sky rocked I started to look for alternative metals that weren’t being used very much and were more affordable, that is when I found the benefits of working in copper.

Then I discovered a little-known technique using colored pencils on metal. After taking several years to experiment and refine the technique I came up with an easy way to get what I was looking for. The thing that I like about this technique is it gives the look of an enameled piece without the use of a kiln, therefore more accessible to the novice jewelry maker and advanced artist alike.

This book is designed to appeal to all levels of jewelry making, but in no way is it limited to the novice.  My hope for this book is to give the reader an in depth understanding of how to use the color pencil technique as well as other simple and easy metal coloring techniques with minimal amounts of tools and time to create beautiful jewelry. When I can I have adapted alternative tools you can find around the house or easily available from hardware or craft stores.

I encourage you to wear safety glasses when working with metal and abide by standard safety precautions when working with all tools. For the projects in this book we will be working with copper since it is relativity inexpensive and easily available from most suppliers. I also encourage you to explore your creativity and come up with your own voice.


Chapter 1 Tools of the Trade

Chapter 2 Supplies

Chapter 3 let’s get started

Chapter 4 Hydraulic press and other ways to create metal shapes

Chapter 5 Color Pencil Technique Flower pendant

Chapter 6 Trouble shooting & Cheat sheet

Chapter 7   Heart of my heart pendant

Chapter 8 Waves of Blue pendant

Chapter 9    Geometric Design Pendent

Chapter 10 – Tree of Life Pendant

Chapter 11 -4th of July pendant

Chapter 12 Blooming Flower Bracelet

Chapter 13 Easy Coloring Techniques on metal

Chapter 14 Salt and Vinegar Patina

Chapter 15 Salt and Ammonia patina

Chapter 16 Miracle Gro formula & Heat Patina

Chapter 17 Guilder paste Ginkgo Leaf Pendant

Chapter 18 Finishing your work